At the heart of the Social Fabric DNA Weaving Experience are the questions that people answer. We also call these the “prompts.” We have hundreds of these prompts, starting with simple statements like “I am human.” Surprisingly enough, not all people identify with a yes to that prompt.

Social Fabric DNA weaving identifier tags with prompts

Every group we have worked with has chosen a unique set of prompts. That is not to say that every statement is unique, but that no two groups have chosen all of the same prompts. We work with you to determine what questions to ask. This is one of the ways you can get a committee involved in the experience. Those members can be responsible for choosing what to ask.

The question is: “Do I identify with this statement?”

When an individual identifies with a prompt, they weave their strand in front of the webbing. They weave behind the webbing when they do not identify with a prompt. Through this simple process, the diversity of the community emerges. That diversity is the social fabric of our society, our team, our school, our neighborhood.

This is a chance to see the diversity in what makes your community tick. These prompts can reveal who your group really is.