Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit

Social Fabric DNA worked with the coordinators of the Cincinnati Neighborhood Summit to provide an interactive weaving experience. During the one-day summit, two weaving panels were created. One of those panels went to the organizer’s office as a permanent piece of artwork, and the other panel was auctioned off at a fundraiser.

Community members weave the social fabric together

This event brought together leaders and volunteers in the diverse communities of Cincinnati. The theme of the summit was Resilience. One of the main ways to foster resilience is to be aware of the gifts and talents that each individual possesses.

With that in mind, the prompts for this weaving experience were all asset based. They were statements such as:

  • I can fix a bicycle.
  • I speak more than one language.
  • I can help out a friend who is sick.
  • I know how to use social media.

The result of this weaving was a brilliant colorful panel showing the gifts and talents of the people of Cincinnati.

Smiling community member in front of completed Social Fabric DNA weaving panel